Hello Rm305 Designers!

Hey Hey :)

Last year I quit my design job of 7 years to become a teacher. I taught grade 10 media arts at a school in Toronto. The great thing about working as a designer is that you can work freelance, which I am still doing. Freelance means that I work for myself and can work from anywhere I want in the world and set my own hours. One year after university I went to California to train for beach volleyball, I brought my laptop and did my work on the beach for clients in Toronto.

I am hoping that I can give you a hand this semester by showing you some real world perspectives of the work you’ve been doing in Mr. Russell’s class.

This blog will be where I will be assigning you mini tasks throughout the semester. When you are finished a task you will also come back to this blog and leave me a comment to let me know your task is complete and ready for checking.

You will also have your own blogs setup where you will display the work that you have been doing and will do. This blog will act as your online portfolio.

I’m looking forward to seeing you fill it.

Miss Shen :)

p.s. Check out this site, go to the ‘portfolio’ section.
Click the images, then rollover them to see the before
and fter of photo retouching.


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