Challenge Task #1: Photo Restoration

For today’s class task I’d like to challenge you to figure out a solution to the following problems on your own.

*Hints* (though there are many ways)
You will probably select an area, copy and paste an area, flip horizontal maybe flip vertical, rotate. Then to clean up you may even use an [eraser] with a soft edge, or the
[smudge tool] or [blur tool]…

To Flip – Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal/Flip Vertical/Rotate
To Smudge – Click Here

Task: Two clients have approached you with the following problems. Help solve both and post before and after shots on your blog.  Then answer the question “How did you do it?” for each.

[Problem #1]


Please help me! I am cat sitting my friend’s cat for a year while she is teaching english in Japan. The cat
got into a fight with the
neighbourhood raccoon and lost an eye, but now my friend misses her cat and wants a recent picture of him. Will you please give her cat an eye so I can send it to her? She can’t find out! She’ll lose it!

[Problem #2]ripped_paper.jpg

Hello! I am so proud of my daughter she met the prince and was in the paper. I would like to frame this article about her but i’ve ripped it by accident. Could you please restore it for me so I could print it
to frame?

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