Task #1a – Create your own blog.

What’s a blog?

A blog is a website that is usually contains regular entries in reverse-chronological order. Like a diary,
commentary, or events.

Task: Create your own blog using WordPress. Include an “About” page and use this blog as your portfolio to display your work throughout the semester.

**Must haves: About page, Personal Polaroid, Personal Profile, hand in this task by leaving a comment to this post indicating your blog web address. (click “comments” to the left)


  • Use your “yourname@limestone.on.ca” email address to sign up for a blog at http://www.wordpress.com
  • When you choose a domain name note that your domain is the name that you will use to access your blog on the internet. “http://yourBlogName.wordpress.com”
  • Go check your “yourname@limestone.on.ca” email on first class for a confirmation email from WordPress and click the link to activate your blog.


  1. Go to [Design -> Themes]
  2. Scroll down you will see 5 pages of themes you can choose from.
  3. Choose one you like and click “Activate Theme” on the top right corner to activate it.


There are two sides to your blog. The public view side, and the admin side. The admin side is where you can add/edit your posts etc. The view side is where the
public gets to see what you’re sharing with the world.

  1. Sign in to the admin side by going to “http://yourBlogName.wordpress.com/admin”
  2. Go to [manage -> page]
  3. Click “About” and edit the contents.

Skip this step and come back to it if you haven’t created it yet.

  1. Click the 1st icon beside the words “Add media” to add an image.
  2. Click “Choose files to upload” and choose your polaroid JPEG.
  3. Choose “full size” then click “insert to post”.


  1. In the editor answer the following questions for your Personal Profile in the about section. (use full sentances)

a) Name: Angie “miss ang” Shen
b) Known for: Running around in the sand.
c) Interests: Beach volleyball, Yoga, Ultimate Frisbee…
d) Favourite music, shops, shows…
e) How do you have fun?
f) What are you doing when you feel good about
yourself? How so?
g) Who do you enjoy spending time with? Why?
h) Is freedom important to you? What do you do feels freeing?
i) Picture yourself at your happiest…why so happy?
j) With a million dollars i would…

2. Click Publish.

Congrats! Your own blog!

*To edit your page find your page under “Manage”
in the main menu and click the title of the page/post you’d like to edit.

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