Task #1c – Faking the background.

In order to really create the illusion of the polaroid sitting on your blog wall, set the background color of your canvas to match the color of the wall. Check out the following examples.

In example “b” I used the [eyedrop tool] to get a sample of the wall colour, and filled the background colour the same colour. As you can see the illusion of the floating polaroid is pretty good. However…

Details make a difference!

If you look closely in example “c”, I actually copy the texture of the wall not just the colour…making everything seem even more seamless. Sometimes when you are working with photoshop, you may intentionaly be making things abstract. But in the case that you are trying to make things look realistic every little detail that goes “un-noticed” is what makes the difference.

People FEEL quality.

a) Original Color
b) Eyedropped Color
c) Copied the Texture
d) Cut off kills illusion

[How To]

  1. Have your blog visible on the screen with the about page visible.
  2. Take a screenshot of your monitor by pressing [Print Screen] on your keyboard.
  3. In photoshop open a new canvas. [File -> New]
  4. Paste your screenshot on this canvas [Edit -> Paste] or press Ctrl V
  5. Use the [eyedropper tool] to sample the color you will use for the background of your polaroid.
  6. Open your polaroid PSD file and fill the background layer with this colour.
  7. Save the polaroid as a JPG.

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