Blog DUE Today!

**Must haves:
About page 
Personal Polaroid
Background Faked
Personal Profile

[How to hand in your blog]

Click comment to the left. Leave me a msg providing me with
1. Name
2. Blog Web address
3. Class #

[Personal Profile Questions]

  1. Answer on an “About” PAGE

a) Name: Angie “miss ang” Shen
b) Known for: Running around in the sand.
c) Interests: Beach volleyball, Yoga, Ultimate Frisbee…
d) Favourite music, shops, shows…
e) How do you have fun?
f) What are you doing when you feel good about
yourself? How so?
g) Who do you enjoy spending time with? Why?
h) Is freedom important to you? What do you do feels freeing?
i) Picture yourself at your happiest…why so happy?
j) With a million dollars i would…

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3 Responses to “Blog DUE Today!”

  1. Dillon Boles

    2:41 pm
    October 16th, 2008

    I have finshed moving my picture over and now im leaving u this information bye bye

  2. Laura Sweet

    2:57 pm
    October 16th, 2008

    I finished my blog

  3. miranda bird

    3:05 pm
    October 16th, 2008

    I finished my blog


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