My name is Angie Shen. I’ve been called “Miss Ang” or “Miss Shen”. I’m known for running around and rolling in the sand. My interests are beach volleyball, yoga, ultimate frisbee, working out, coaching, reading…

My favorite music is dependent on wether i’m driving or out dancing. If i’m driving I love Xavier Rudd, he’s this super talented one man band from Australia. If i’m dancing than I love King Sunshine, they’re a local toronto deep funk house band.

I have a blast being competitive in sports, but lately i’ve been having fun by playing Rockband on wii.
When I feel good about myself i’ve either just had a great time connecting with my close friends or i’ve just had a good workout knowing that i’ve challenged myself.

I have a solid core of close friends that get together every Xmas for a huge board games tournament. I enjoy spending time with these guys because alot of us have moved away from where we grew up and this is our chance to re-connect with each other. I enjoy my time with these guys because we can live far from each other or not see each other for long periods of times but get back together and know that things are just as funny as they always were.

Freedom is VERY important to me. I am happiest when I feel I have the freedom to express, or to choose. I travel alot, this feels freeing to me because I get to choose my own adventure, where I want to go, what I want to do. Meeting new people and learning new cultures is also a perk of travelling that feels freeing to me.

Picturing myself at my happiest I am traveling the world and helping those in need find ways to fulfill their needs. I’m happy because I am not worried about myself and therefore able to be there for others.
With a million dollars I would open up a outdoors camp or school for anyone who would like to be a part of making the world a happier place.

Xavier Rudd

King Sunshine